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Bruce Lee's Famous Classic Kung Fu Uniform

Do you saw Bruce Lee film?You can find Bruce Lee's famous classic Kung Fu uniform in his film. In fact,Bruce Lee's famous classic Kung Fu uniform is traditional chinese clothing tang suit and thousand-layer sole shoes. Now,introduce chinese Bruce Lee clothes and Kung Fu shoes to you 2012 nfl jerseys. Actually" tang suit"is not the clothing of Tang Dynasty. They are totally different. The origin of Tang suit or Tang jacket can be traced back to Qing Dynasty. It is evolved from Magua from Qing Dynasty, a traditional Chinese costume worn by males. It is a short tunic with high and round collars and lapels, which are fasten down the front. By the 1940s, what we now know as the Tang suit became prevalent for all classes in China http://www.activenfljerseys.com/. Compared with the ancient style, the sleeves had become longer and wider. Patch pockets were added and the number of frog buttons became standard at seven. This jacket was worn with matching pants. The unified and prosperous China was established in the Tang Dynasty (618-907). In China's history, the Tang Dynasty was a period when the polity and economy were highly developed and the culture and art were thriving. Women's dress and personal adornments of the Tang Dynasty were outstanding in China's history NFL Jerseys Outlet. The clothing materials were exquisite, the structure was natural, graceful and elegant, and adornments were splendid. Though the forms of garments were still the continuation of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) and the Sui Dynasty (581-618), they were influenced by cultures and arts of the Western Regions. Especially, the national power of the High Tang was strong. The trades and cultural exchanges with Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Persia and other countries gradually became frequent, and they mutually dispatched emissaries and accepted students of other countries. In this way, a special open and romantic style of dress and personal adornments was formed. The shoes are made from linen, cotton, satin and other fabrics. Use of these materials and attention to detail in hand embroidery give them that neat minimalistic look. Each sole is manually sewed with 80 to 100 stitches on every square inch in strict crossing lines. A shoes outsole is made from 30 to 50 layers of coarse cotton soles.So making a pair of soles requires about 5,000 stitches. The outsole made under such processes is more comfortable,soft,breathable,flexible, durable and sweat-absorbing than those made of leather and rubber. Ancient craft,fashion style,chic shape,pure handmade,free breathe. You will feel like time shuttle back to ancient when you wear it. Do you like chinese clothing Kung Fu uniform?You can find it on notlie website. .

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